Silence scars

I stay quiet just to avoid fights Keep my distance because I know what they're like They insult and hurt me, I let them Misunderstand and besmirch me, I let them So scared to cause pain, Afraid of treating you with disdain The words I never said, scream at me in my head Should've argued … Continue reading Silence scars

On being ‘The First’

A few days ago I saw an article titled ' Diane Abbott to make history as first black person to represent their party a PMQs and I wanted to talk about how, as great as being the first can be, its can also be draining and extremely lonely times. This is a post for myself … Continue reading On being ‘The First’

Walking Black Home

That day was a bad day I walked for many miles Unlike me, I did not return any smiles Tired, weak, hungry But I could not turn back Because sometimes it's hard to get a taxi When you're Black -Benjamin Zephaniah (written from my memory) I just wanted to share this poem because although I … Continue reading Walking Black Home

Policing identities

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how within both Muslim and south Asian communities there is a very problematic tendency to police one another and prevent people from being who they are. I recently had a conversation with a cousin who mentioned that she stopped talking to an old friend because she 'does weird … Continue reading Policing identities


Honestly, I'm not really a fan of the term. But can I be described as a 'feminist'? If you knew me, you'd probably say yes. However, it is definitely NOT a word I'd use to describe myself. It seems the older I get the more estranged I feel from the term. Not only is the … Continue reading ‘Feminism’