Music and Political Activism: 5 things I learnt from Rap

This is part of a series of posts I had wanted to do for Black History Month (October) however, this particular one took too long to write so I have now had to move the timeline a few weeks back. Born in post-Civil War slums of New York City as a means of documenting the … Continue reading Music and Political Activism: 5 things I learnt from Rap

Walking Black Home

That day was a bad day I walked for many miles Unlike me, I did not return any smiles Tired, weak, hungry But I could not turn back Because sometimes it's hard to get a taxi When you're Black -Benjamin Zephaniah (written from my memory) I just wanted to share this poem because although I … Continue reading Walking Black Home

International Womens Day

So yesterday was international women's day and I wanted to do a post about something before it's too late. As I was scrolling through Twitter trends I noticed how there were many (mainly white, western) women complaining that every day should be about women and how unfair it is etc and well, basically pulling out the 'we're oppressed … Continue reading International Womens Day

Why ‘Being the Change’ is Not Enough

I’ve read this piece before (on FLY Cambridge before I had my own blog) but TBH is my favourite blogger and I was having a bit of a stalk of her old posts and came across it again. This is a post I read over a year ago but I still think about today because it’s something that really resonated with me and is still becoming more relevant for me with each day.

The Brown Hijabi

‘You must be the change you want to see in the world’. Gandhi, of course, famously said this and every ‘liberal’ ‘leftie’ has at one time had it as their iPhone screen background in the course of their teenage-hood. It sounds inspiring, liberating and rewarding, but I’m sorry to say, its sentiment is one of the single most dangerous fallacies of our time.

First it must be said that there is and must be merit in simply ‘being’. ‘Being’ can be very political if, say, you are existing in a space not meant for you. ‘Being’ can be much more than a passive state and become an active form of rebellion when you are ‘being’ a member of a  marginalised group in a space that is difficult to navigate (say, for instance Cambridge University…).

However, it also has to be said that this idea of simply ‘being’ the change…

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The Burdens of Identity 

I don't really know how to start this but the more I think about my actions and reactions to things, I realise how much I feel burdened with responsibility. The responsibility to represent my religion, race, age and, in some rare circumstances (I'm thinking Uni haha), northerners. I don't know, I just feel like I … Continue reading The Burdens of Identity