Hope not Fear, This Election… — Racial Justice Network

As an anti-racist organisation, we are urging everybody that can to get out and vote in what looks set to be one of the biggest election in our lifetimes. Whilst we maintain that change primarily occurs outside of electoral politics, there is simply too much at stake to stand by in this election. Indeed, as […] … Continue reading Hope not Fear, This Election… — Racial Justice Network

Music and Political Activism: 5 things I learnt from Rap

This is part of a series of posts I had wanted to do for Black History Month (October) however, this particular one took too long to write so I have now had to move the timeline a few weeks back. Born in post-Civil War slums of New York City as a means of documenting the … Continue reading Music and Political Activism: 5 things I learnt from Rap

On Power and Censorship

Be a slave at first or free at last Double-edged choices make a n**** wanna pass -Lupe Fiasco, Strange Fruition As of this year something that I have been thinking of a lot more is censorship and power. To be honest, the concept of power, what it is and how it manifests itself is something … Continue reading On Power and Censorship

Musings: a Trumpy Situation

I saw a post on facebook yesterday about all the havoc in the US since the election; racism, homophobic incidents, sexism, religious hatred, you name it, it happened. This was what I was afraid of when I wrote my last post, 'The Storm', and it's going to continue for a while now- trust me, I lived through … Continue reading Musings: a Trumpy Situation

The Storm

The storm is finally here First Brexit, now Trump The haters have their fuel, they are all powered up Waiting to pounce any minute now Implementing their discriminative ideology Marching the streets and handing out labels Because they now know they’re a majority They no longer need to hold in their views The façade of acceptance … Continue reading The Storm