Silence scars

I stay quiet just to avoid fights Keep my distance because I know what they're like They insult and hurt me, I let them Misunderstand and besmirch me, I let them So scared to cause pain, Afraid of treating you with disdain The words I never said, scream at me in my head Should've argued … Continue reading Silence scars

Music and Political Activism: 5 things I learnt from Rap

This is part of a series of posts I had wanted to do for Black History Month (October) however, this particular one took too long to write so I have now had to move the timeline a few weeks back. Born in post-Civil War slums of New York City as a means of documenting the … Continue reading Music and Political Activism: 5 things I learnt from Rap


You watch me, waiting to determine whether I am 'safe', 'acceptable' Waiting My physical features render you uncertain, this brown, hijab clad face in front of you Waiting I laugh, I tell a relatable joke, I stick up for you when someone tries to humiliate you, I mention tv shows you also watch, characters in … Continue reading Exception

I don’t ever wanna be

'She's so pretty' they say, wishing they looked like her I look over and shake my head If that's what it means to be 'pretty', then I don't ever wanna be. Fake tan, fake nails and hair extensions,  Fake lashes, eyebrows and cheekbones fashioned using makeup  A face full of makeup 'She's so confident in … Continue reading I don’t ever wanna be