Walking Black Home

That day was a bad day I walked for many miles Unlike me, I did not return any smiles Tired, weak, hungry But I could not turn back Because sometimes it's hard to get a taxi When you're Black -Benjamin Zephaniah (written from my memory) I just wanted to share this poem because although I … Continue reading Walking Black Home


You watch me, waiting to determine whether I am 'safe', 'acceptable' Waiting My physical features render you uncertain, this brown, hijab clad face in front of you Waiting I laugh, I tell a relatable joke, I stick up for you when someone tries to humiliate you, I mention tv shows you also watch, characters in … Continue reading Exception

Musings: a Trumpy Situation

I saw a post on facebook yesterday about all the havoc in the US since the election; racism, homophobic incidents, sexism, religious hatred, you name it, it happened. This was what I was afraid of when I wrote my last post, 'The Storm', and it's going to continue for a while now- trust me, I lived through … Continue reading Musings: a Trumpy Situation