Glass Ceilings and headstarts: does Class still matter?

Earlier this year news of the US college scandals hit the headlines and conversations of class privilege and opportunity dominated social media. Of course debates about the abolition of private schools were already taking place in the UK and so this made me think (once again) about social mobility, meritocracy and the glass ceiling that … Continue reading Glass Ceilings and headstarts: does Class still matter?

On being ‘The First’

A few days ago I saw an article titled ' Diane Abbott to make history as first black person to represent their party a PMQs and I wanted to talk about how, as great as being the first can be, its can also be draining and extremely lonely times. This is a post for myself … Continue reading On being ‘The First’

Walking Black Home

That day was a bad day I walked for many miles Unlike me, I did not return any smiles Tired, weak, hungry But I could not turn back Because sometimes it's hard to get a taxi When you're Black -Benjamin Zephaniah (written from my memory) I just wanted to share this poem because although I … Continue reading Walking Black Home

Policing identities

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how within both Muslim and south Asian communities there is a very problematic tendency to police one another and prevent people from being who they are. I recently had a conversation with a cousin who mentioned that she stopped talking to an old friend because she 'does weird … Continue reading Policing identities