International Womens Day

So yesterday was international women’s day and I wanted to do a post about something before it’s too late. As I was scrolling through Twitter trends I noticed how there were many (mainly white, western) women complaining that every day should be about women and how unfair it is etc and well, basically pulling out the ‘we’re oppressed because we’re women’ card all over again.

And that was something that really irked me because firstly, there is also a day for men so don’t make this about gender and secondly, and most importantly, this DOES NOT highlight the oppression of white western women. The way I see it, it isn’t international WOMEN’S day, it is INTERNATIONAL Women’s day and that, to me means it’s not about gender, that if anything, IWD highlights the oppression faced by non-western, non-white women. Because it celebrates ALL women and you’re right, everyday should be about woman (just as much as men) but I would argue that that’s already the case except, while everyday is about celebrating white,western women (just look at the media), IWD is about also celebrating those from marginalised groups. And I don’t see many people arguing that everyday should be about these women, actually those same groups seem content with everyday being about white, western women and these women only.

I think this whole situation highlights how white women always consider ‘women’ to mean them and only them  (mainstream ‘feminism’ is an example but I’ll discuss that another day). It shows how white problems/ ‘oppressions’ are always given importance over non-white issues. It’s funny because if we were to discuss oppression and privilege, white women would be right at the top of the hierarchy just under white men and yet they refuse to acknowledge the power they do have while simultaneously throwing the ‘straight white men are evil’ comments in at every opportunity they get.  It seems they refuse to see that by ignoring the voices of marginalised women and exploiting their own privilege to serve only their own interests, they are the also taking on an active role as oppressors.

Anyway, this is just a quick post that I wanted to get out before it was too late- I’m literally doing it on my phone before I leave for Uni! Hopefully it’s enough to get people thinking though. ðŸ™‚


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