Musings: a Trumpy Situation

I saw a post on facebook yesterday about all the havoc in the US since the election; racism, homophobic incidents, sexism, religious hatred, you name it, it happened. This was what I was afraid of when I wrote my last post, ‘The Storm’, and it’s going to continue for a while now- trust me, I lived through the EU referendum aftermath.

But here’s the scary thing. All this hate, all this discrimination we’re seeing right now, it isn’t something new that is generated by Trump. It’s something that has always been there, it was just supressed out of fear that it was an unpopular view. All Trump did was give the bigots the public support they need, to show them that there are others who feel the same way- and that’s all it took. A bit of public recognition and realisation that your views are not as unpopular as you thought and suddenly there’s hate crime and belittling of groups left right and centre. Trump is the fuel that set this vehicle of incidents in motion, that’s it.

More than Trump, I think his supporters (I understand that they aren’t all rage-driven bigots but many are) are the real threat. Think about it. To make legislative changes, the changes that Trump has the power to do, is a long-winded and complex process; how much can he actually achieve in 4 years? But to go out in masses and cause physical harm to people and property, now that’s something that can be achieved overnight.

And that scares me.

It scares me that there could be so many people I’m surrounded with on a daily basis who hold these views but aren’t public about it.

It scares me that Trump’s victory is being celebrated through violent and unpredictable ways and that this anger, or hatred or jealousy or whatever it is, that has being supressed for so long has become so suffocating that it’s being released in this way. It’s almost ironic how these individuals who see themselves as superior human beings are unable to go about expressing their views in civil ways.

It scares me because now that the bigots have a victory (two if you count Bexit) who knows what they’ll do next? How far are they willing to go to cleanse ‘their’ (really belonging to the Native Americans but hey, what the rich, straight white man says goes eh?) precious land of these already marginalised groups?



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