Mind Games

Recently I’ve been thinking about all the strange habits I have, things I do without thinking and was just wondering if anyone else does this or it’s just me. I’m going to try and explain them as best I can and just hope that it makes sense to someone.
There are a few random ones for example, when learning someone/thing’s name I see it written out in my head and this is how I remember so when I spell it in a difficult way (in my head), then I struggle to remember because I’m not sure how to pronounce it. Also, when eating I have a weird habit of alternating the side I chew on with each new bite without thinking and of eating an even number of bites when there’s a small number.
Others are more knowledge based. Even though I’ve only taken maths up to GCSE and Biology and Chemistry up to A level (so I’m nowhere near expert level), I make involuntary use of the few mechanisms I do know wherever applicable. For example, when I’m thinking about how much an assignment is worth of the whole module, without intending to I start to calculate the percentage it is worth of that particular module, then the percentage the module is of the whole year and how much the assignment is of the whole year. Sometimes it gets a bit complex to do in my head but most times it’s okay and I end up doing a mental chain of percentage calculations. A similar thing happens with fractions. When I ask someone the time and if they say something like 3:20, I think to myself 20mins on an analogue clock is equal to 1/3 and half of that is 1/6 etc and start working out roughly how many minutes would make many fractions combinations eg 1/5, (I’m trying to stop myself from doing these calculations as I write this) and some less obvious ones- but of course they become pretty obvious when you know your 6X tables and have been doing this for as many years as I have.
With chemistry and biology, I do this by thinking of structures on a molecular level etc. For example, if I spray something, I think of the particles diffusing across the room or if someone says they’re constantly getting out of breath I think of the red blood cells and how it uses haemoglobin (Hb) to carry oxygen but the Hb structure contains an iron ion (Fe2+) and so the lack of oxygen getting to their cells may be due to a lack of Hb which could be due to a lack of Iron. I do the same with the kidney, blood sugar levels, enzyme structures and metabolic reactions and any other bits of information that I have some knowledge of but it’s boring to explain it all so I won’t bother. Do you see what I mean though? It’s a chain of thoughts that goes on for ages but stems from tiny causes, I even have them for more art-related ideas and sociological observations. It’s strange but, it’s what goes on in my head and I always wonder if it’s just me or does everyone think like this?


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