‘It’s Easy’

It’s easy they say,
Easy to make a name for yourself and to singlehandedly make a difference in the world,
Easy for you to be yourself and have fun,
To believe in yourself,
To defy stereotypes and make people see the real you,
Easy to stay loyal and honest.
But as I get older, I realise it’s all make-believe,
Those things aren’t easy.
What’s easy is to spread hate,
To give up and stop caring,
To conjure snide remarks and knock down others’ achievements.
It’s easy to not bother looking past stereotypes,
Easy to categorise and label.
Easy to uphold and reinforce social norms,
To conform,
To deny the truth.
But that’s not who I want to be.
The easy way is not the always the best way,
Don’t let it define you.
Nothing worthwhile ever is easy.


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