The Blame Game

I’ve gotten over the EU results now (kind of) but it’s still all over social media with petty accusation wreaking havoc. I wanted to write about the few things that annoyed me most during these last few days just because I feel like I need to get it all out of my system. I tried to keep it as short as I can so had to cut out some points and elaboration but anyway, here it is.
First, there’s the petition calling for a second referendum. This was created in May by a leave supporter and states that in order for the result of be valid there must be a 60% majority and a turnout of 75%, if not, another referendum must be held regarding Britain’s membership within the EU. Apart from the condition of the turnout being so unachievably high, I think the idea behind this petition is a very smart move and has credibility. I also think it is fair for any British (including overseas colonies) citizen to sign it if they deem necessary however, I think it is ridiculous that people are actually giving their details out to non-brits to use so as to get more signatures! To be considered it ONLY needed 100,000 signatures, not millions and so there was absolutely no need to go about it the wrong way.
Second, there’s the blame game. It’s okay to have a bit of disagreement about the result however, it shouldn’t be tearing up political parties and attacking vulnerable people! The amount of social media posts I saw badmouthing 65+yr olds for voting leave was awful! I agree that the decision will affect the younger generation more and so the vote should’ve been lowered to 16yrs but I don’t see why the elderly should be denied their right to vote, after all, it was them who got us where we are today. I saw comments along the lines of ‘they won’t even be around to feel the affects’ etc which I think is a completely invalid argument. We don’t know how long anyone has to live, it may be 2yrs or even 50 and even if they had only 20yrs to live, surely the less you have to live the more you want to make of it? The more you want your last years to suit your needs. So don’t attack people saying they shouldn’t have a say in their future, regardless of how short you think their future is in comparison to yours.
Politicians are also being blamed for the outcome with the Labour party falling apart over disagreement regarding Corbyn position as leader. Since he was elected leader, Corbyn has lost shadow cabinet MP’s to disagreement of his position on more than one occasion. I have to say, I’m not the biggest fan of Corbyn, I personally don’t think he’ll make it as leader to the next General Election (to do so his policies need to bel eft of centre, not centre of left) but I don’t think he’s to blame for the referendum outcome. Yes, maybe he could have done a bit more active campaigning in the northern areas however, it is ultimately down to voters to do their research, not party leaders to force their views onto the general public. He played a fair game, it’s just unfortunate the Brexit campaign wasn’t doing the same. However, while I admire Corbyn’s ability to stand up for himself and not let himself get bullied into resigning, the fact that he often sacks those who disagree or challenge his leadership really irks me. He’s got to accept that not everyone will agree with him and in order to appeal to a wider audience, he has to take this opposing views into account and reach a compromise. For the Labour party to fall apart right now would be disastrous and so the bigger picture must be taken into account when making decisions.
Overall I don’t think anyone is solely to blame for the outcome of the referendum as the whole situation was a shambles. The amount of scaremongering in the media on both sides was atrocious! I personally feel the whole idea of a referendum was very rushed and so many citizens felt they didn’t know enough about the EU to make a decision themselves which led to them felling prey to the media. Now Cameron’s stepping down and we’re left in a wake of uncertainty I think it’s time to stop with the petty comments and try and make the most of the situation.


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