To start this blog, I thought you ought to know a bit about me,
So hi, I’m a Brit, a girl and of an ethnic minority.
Moving beyond physical looks,
I’m a bit of a nerd, a lover of books.
A Potterhead, fan of fantasy, utopia and dystopia also,
I enjoy most music genres, and the odd crime show,
Criminal Minds amongst others you’ll soon have clocked,
A wannabe profiler, I am utterly Sherlocked.
I like art, draw anime and lean left politically
At school liked chemistry, biology, even history.
But that’s not the main purpose for my blogs creation,
This stems from an interest in alienation,
In class structure and social division,
Religious freedom and culture collision.
So in my posts you’ll mainly see,
Recounts of my experiences, this part of me
Through exploring our collective and individual identity,
I’ll outline underlying problems in today’s society.


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